Home & Decor – April 2023
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Welcome at Home & Decor Magazine April 2023 issue

Consider it an occupational hazard, but I love to refresh the look of my rooms on a regular basis. Having seen how other homeowners have transformed their spaces, I am always keen to try it out on my own as well. But a home makeover isn’t a bad thing, in fact I personally think it is essential to change up the look of your rooms on a regular basis because it keeps you connected to your home.
In a world where technology and lifestyles are changing so rapidly, one should not wait until the ravages of time are showing on the walls of the home to feel that a makeover is due. In the same way where we have to spice up our relationships by doing something special from time to time,
so too should we shower attention on our interiors. Start small, by shopping for cushions or throws for the living room sofa, and work your way up to thinking about renovating the kitchen or giving your outdated bathroom tiles a facelift. What’s more, thanks to the advancement in renovating materials, minor alterations like cladding the walls or laying over a new flor can be less than a day, and with minimal fuss.
My latest home project is redoing the flor of my bathroom, by laying over the tiles with epoxy in a metallic finish It.s not going to make a dramatic difference to my home, but the joy of walking into the same space something new is refreshing and invigorating. It also assures me that I am consistently investing in my property
and keeping it up to date.
If you haven’t done anything to your home in a while, this would be a good time to take a look around and see what it needs. A little bit of TLC for your abode will certainly go a long way.

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