Classic American – May 2023
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Sad news has reached Classic American Towers on the passing of some familiar faces and names on the UK American automotive scene. Pete Tucker was a fixture at the AACUK shows in the 90s and noughties and his arena commentaries flattered and raised feathers in equal amounts. Likewise, John Dodd and his creation The Beast caused a stir on the custom/rod car scene during the 70s and upset Rolls-Royce so much that he moved to Spain to avoid litigation. David Radcliffe-Watts brought fresh life and vigour to the Pre-’50 American Auto Club and sadly he has passed away too.
Of course, with the passing of one generation of American car enthusiasts, I can’t help wondering if there’s another generation coming up to replace them? I was talking to someone on the committee of one of the larger American car clubs and this topic came up. I have always sought out younger American car owners as proof that there is another generation coming up, but it’s tough out there for youngsters today. They can’t even afford a home, so how are they expected to afford an American car, that in many cases would be a second vehicle and quite possibly one only used occasionally?
I bought my first American car here in the UK in 1996 and paid the princely sum of £125. It was my only car and if I’m totally honest, I think I ripped the vendor off. In mitigation, it had sat on his drive for two years (he’d lost the keys) and was covered in mould and rust. Anyone remember Project Monte Carlo?! Happy days, but I think the days of £125 bargain buckets are long gone.
Or can you prove me wrong?! Last of all, Included with this month’s magazine (print versions only) is our annual wallplanner, with this year’s Car of the Year heats marked on it, as well as a few other helpful ads, messages and onsale dates for Classic American Magazine.
Time to get planning – what are you waiting for?!

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