Inside Gymnastics Magazine – March 2023
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Photography has always played an instrumental role in my life. Even as a child, I remember being captivated by stunning images. My dad noticed my interest at an early age and bought me a camera, which is treasured. I was always looking for a unique edge, focus or composition that would set each image apart and tell a story all its own.
When it was time for family vacations, I was always the designated photographer, by choice. Scenic imagery was always fun but capturing a moment in time, whether through a smile, a laugh, a moment of intrigue, inspiration or wonder was always my favorite.
In college, I started creating scrapbooks year by year incorporating not only photos, but clippings from articles and significant events. I pieced together yearbooks of my own with a combination of pictures and memories, almost creating my first magazine, in some regards.
When I launched Inside Gymnastics magazine, I knew I wanted stunning photography to be a hallmark of the publication. Photos have the ability to add so much dimension in capturing the essence of a person. And for athletes, a photo has the power to represent a pinnacle moment, frozen in time forever. From Day 1, we have always strived to go beyond athletic performance and showcase life on and off the mat. That powerful combination of a visually striking athletic endeavor combined with the essence of personality and humanity is what it’s all about.
We are forever thankful for our amazing photographers, led by Lloyd Smith, Ricardo Bufolin and Grace Chiu — who have not only been instrumental in capturing our vision for Inside Gymnastics magazine from its inception, but continuously raise the bar.
Each year, we honor athletes who, in our minds, go above and beyond to raise the bar in the sport. In this issue, we present our annual 50 Most Artistic issue. A performance has the ability to capture your heart, your mind and your soul and we salute all of the gymnasts around the world who prioritize artistry — we know it’s not rewarded enough by today’s judging standards, but trust us, the audience, the fans and aficionados truly appreciate it. We know you go beyond the routine itself, and beyond just the score for a judge, to connect with the audience in a special way. It’s always a challenge for our team to narrow down to 50, but this snapshot represents some of the athletes who have most inspired us with their breathtaking performances!
Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

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