Sporting Gun UK – March 2023
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I don’t usually watch the BBC’s Countryfile.

Truth be told, I normally find it a bit boring. I’m not interested in hippies whittling wood in a forest or rare sheep breeds. However, a few weeks ago Countryfile took the brave decision and devoted a complete programme to game shooting. I have to say,
I rather enjoyed it. Representatives from BASC and the National Gamekeepers’ Association were interviewed along with those from non-shooting organisations. It was wellbalanced programme and I hope that this will be the start of more Countryfile episodes devoted to shooting sports.
The more we appear on mainstream channels for the right reasons, the better the public perception of oursport. For too long we have been made to feel that we are doing something that is of
little value to the countryside. Of course, we know that the opposite is true and we must allow people to see that we are not a rural bogeyman. If you enjoyed that episode of Countryfile, why not leave some good feedback on the BBC’s website or email [email protected]


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