Real Crime – Issue 100, 2023
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Welcome at Real Crime Magazine Issue 100, 2023

For our 100th issue, we’re showcasing 100 of the most infamous crimes and criminals of the last 100 years. We set ourselves a nigh-on impossible task in curating this cover feature: if it was 1,000 crimes and criminals from the last 50 years, there would still have been thousands of high-profile cases left on the cutting room floor. The likes of Dennis ‘Bind Torture Kill’ Rader, child-killer Robert Black, Mob financer Meyer Lansky, the Boston Marathon bombers, the daring jewel heist at London’s Hatton Garden, David Koresh and his Branch Davidian cult, plus an uncountable number of others, didn’t make the final cut. These were dropped to make room for Milwaukee cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, the Manson Family, the unsolved case of missing Madeleine Mccann, Hollywood sex offender Harvey Weinstein and others, including more obscure international cases that were infamous in their own right, like the black metal murder Var Vigens. Read more at magazine page 14.

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