Record Collector – April 2023
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Welcome at Record Collector Magazine April 2023 issue

There is a consensus around who was or is the world’s ultimate live band. Or at least, there was or is a consensus around three: The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and The Who. They each used to be hailed, emphatically, as The World’s Greatest Rock’N’Roll Band, implying that, more even than in their recorded output, it was on the stage that they routinely proved their primacy. Of course, of the three, only two continue to tread the boards, and so it is with no little pleasure that, on the occasion of their new live album, one of them – namely, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey – chose Record Collector as the forum within which to discuss their most memorable gigs, from their days at The Railway in Harrow, through Monterey, Isle Of Wight and Charlton, right up to their Wembley Stadium extravaganza (with orchestra!) in 2019. Roger takes charge of the countdown of their best shows, while Pete explores more generally the idea that it’s onstage that The Who truly shine. It’s a riveting read, and includes the revelation, from Mr T, that he doesn’t actually enjoy performing. Yeah, right!
There is, as you’d expect, more. Interviews with everyone from Pauline Black (OBE) of The Selecter, to Lewis Taylor, the “missing boy” of 90s psych-soul, back after a decade and a half with a new album. We go record shopping with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys/The Arcs. We trace Keith Emerson’s career in photos. There is an extract from a new book about The Only Ones’ debut album. We pay tribute to Burt Bacharach. We speak to Graham Gouldman about 10cc’s work from The Original Soundtrack to Bloody Tourists, and to Dave Jolicoeur, mere weeks before his untimely death, about De La Soul’s “hippie hop”. There are reviews of new material from established stars – Elvis Costello/Bacharach, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Lana Del Rey – and a whole slew of releases of artists just waiting to be discovered. Two favourites of mine from the reviews section this month are albums from Eddie Chacon and The Jack Moves: respectively, exquisite ethereal soul, and a throwback to the sort of pristine orch-disco Michael Jackson used to concoct in the studio with Quincy Jones.
See you next month,
Paul Lester

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