Olive Magazine – April 2023
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Welcome at Olive Magazine April 2023 Issue

And relax… it’s Easter. No fuss, no formal family obligations or must-stick-to traditions – in my house, anyway. That said, stocking up on chocolate, eggs and lamb is a given – all of which you’ll find in the following pages, all with a playfultwist. This month’s effortless menu features retro classic dressed (devilled) eggs (p15); there’s an alternative Easter lunch suggestion of Senegalese-inspired lamb with mustard dip (p22), and three ways with chocolate, far more inventive than your average brownie (p38).
Any wine expert who describes themselves as a lazy drinker is a friend of mine: Kate Hawkings’ new series of straight talking wine columns can be consumed in five minutes and offer brilliant tips to maximise the enjoyment of whatever’s in your glass. Is decanting worth the faff? She asks and answers on page 69. Her speedy serves are nothing short of genius.
The Easter weekend is a good time to combine a long walk with a pub lunch. Or, just enjoy a pub lunch. We’re continuing our celebration online at Omagazine.com/love-your-local, on our socials using the hashtag #Oloveyourlocal and on page 88, where you’ll find all that’s good about our treasured pubs in The Sun at Dedham’s spatchcock chicken menu.

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