Metal Hammer UK – Issue 373, 2023
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Welcome at Metal Hammer UK Magazine Issue 373, 2023

WE’VE BEEN DESPERATE to get our hands on 72 Seasons since we heard the adrenaline-rush of Lux Æterna, the first original music from Metallica in six years, last November. However, that single was a little misleading, as our Dave Everley found out when he sat down with the band for this month’s cover feature (p.36). Created amid the grimness of the pandemic, and fuelled by James Hetfield’s most “daring” lyrics yet, as he dug into the idea of how a person’s formative years shape them – see the timespan of the title, and the artwork of a blackened, broken crib – it sees the band excavating new personal depths, bringing the heavy in all senses of the word. And yet, there is light in the darkness, as you’ll hear on 72 Seasons’ epic closing track, Inamorata. And with the band ramping up for their wildest tour yet, featuring double dates in single cities, plus a central snake pit for fans, we’re buzzing with excitement for their latest era (hurry up, Download!
How many more sleeps?!). More than four decades in, they’re still surprising us. Metal isn’t metal without Metallica. Full speed or nothin’. Welcome the fuck back.
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