PLAY – May 2023
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Welcome at PLAY Magazine May 2023 issue

Even though we’re on the 16th main game in the series (and have had a whole load of spin-offs), the release of a new Final Fantasy always feels like a huge event. As a PS5 exclusive, Final Fantasy XVI (p42) looks like being a stunning reinvention of the series that’ll hook veteran fans and newcomers alike.
Regular readers will already know we love the look of the big changes FFXVI is bringing to the RPG series. Now we’ve played it for ourselves and have spoken with the developers we can confirm that this one really is going to be something very special. From dynamic real-time combat to gorgeously-lit dungeons and a sprawling dark fantasy epic storyline, we can’t wait to see more.
We’re also desperate to see more of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (p6), though perhaps not for the same reasons. While Rocksteady’s latest has a similarly compelling superhero story and fast-paced combat, its always-online elements and focus on gear scores, loot, and battle passes raise some questions. We have faith in the Batman: Arkham creator, but it sounds like the studio’s got quite a task ahead if it’s to stick its threepoint landing. We dig into the challenges, and unpack what we’ve seen in the next few pages.
We also take a look at some new favourites that you should make sure you keep on your radar. Synapse (p16) is perhaps the slickest and most colourful shooter we’ve seen on PSVR2 to date; Wayfinder (p32), from the Darksiders: Genesis dev, puts a new, glorious twist on online shooters; and Humanity (p12) has us working to save the world as an adorable little pup. Plus it’s a great month for fans of slick combat as we give impressive verdicts to the likes of Resident Evil 4 (p70) and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (p88).
We hope you enjoy reading about it as much as we did putting it together! Keep on playing!

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