MacFormat UK – Issue 390, May 2023
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Welcome at MacFormat UK Magazine Issue 390, May 2023

It’s never been easier to do all kinds of fun and creative things with your Mac, iPhone and iPad – but if you’re looking for inspiration, this magazine month’s lead feature (p20) can help. Delve in and you’ll discover some fresh and exciting ways to use your Apple devices – from music and movie making to finally writing that novel.
Plus, we throw in some creative ideas for your Apple Watch too. One place your iPhone can be a great help is in the car – whether it’s finding your way from A to Z, or staying entertained on the go – and Apple has the perfect solution in CarPlay. Turn to p62, and you’ll discover exactly what CarPlay does and how it works, plus we share some practical ways you can use it, and make some suggestions for how you can use CarPlay even if your car currently doesn’t have it.
With those suggestions added to your to-do list, now it’s time to tackle the third: your actual to-do list. In the Beginner’s Guide to Reminders (p71), you’ll discover how to use this free and quietly brilliant app to manage your to-dos, share tasks with other members of your household, easily manage things like shopping lists and create handy Reminders templates for things like home and work projects.
But before all that, turn to p6 for the latest news and rumours swirling around the iPhone 15. Enjoy the issue,

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