MASK The Magazine – Spring 2023
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Welcome at the MASK The Magazine Spring 2023 Issue

Gen Z gets a bad rap. It seems like just about every headline they’re featured in has something to do with their general sense of entitlement, lack of work ethic and disregard for the generations that came before them. But this generation is, like all before them, a product of the world they were raised in. One in which there was always a parent or caregiver standing by to take and post a picture, tell them they were doing great, and hand out an award for showing up. And yet, as sheltered as this generation has been in many ways, it has also been exposed to more stress and collective trauma than its parents or grandparents.
Recent studies have found that Gen Z is more likely to have direct mental and physical health problems as a result of chronic stress than older generations. And just like the generations before them, there is always someone around to market a vice their way with a promise of sweet release.
Tobacco companies are doing what they have always done, targeting youth with a device to give them a quick trendy habit to curb the chaos—an unhealthy temporary solution to a bigger problem.
While cigarettes feel like a thing of the past, young people now turn to vaping to deal with stress or anxiety, creating a cycle of nicotine dependence. As parents, we must do our best to ensure our children have the tools to navigate through life’s challenges in healthy ways.

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