Landscape UK – April 2023
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THROUGHOUT THE COLDER months, I’ve been planning a garden renovation. The lawn, patio and beds are doing well, but the corner between the shed and the greenhouse needs some love. My garden isn’t large, and although the greenhouse hides behind a low fence smothered in clematis, the shed is in full view, so I’d like it to look a little more inviting.
A cosy hideaway in which to drink tea and thumb through seed catalogues is my dream, but it also needs to house my tools and other bits and bobs of gardening paraphernalia.
There’s already an old camping table in there, which would be the perfect spot for a little stove and a whistling kettle. The kitchen may only be a few steps away, but brewing up in the garden would be far more romantic, especially if I can dig out some vintage teacups.
But before I can add all these flourishes, I need to paint the shed and construct some practical shelving. I’ve chosen olive green for the exterior and a rose-petal pink for the interior. Shelves will be made from bits of leftover timber, and there will be a row of hooks for hanging up my secateurs and trowels. From the outside, it will be muted – toning in with its surroundings – but on the inside, it will reflect all the colours of my favourite garden blooms: a vibrant little nook for tea, biscuits and daydreams.

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