Booklist – 01 March 2023
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Welcome at Booklist Magazine Volume 119, Issue 13, 01 March 2023

Many conference attendees visited us at the recent LibLearnX conference in New Orleans. Speaking for myself and other members of our team who were there, meeting you in person is so gratifying for us, and not only is it a real pleasure to engage in conversations about all things books, we also get to hand out copies of Booklist, Booklist Reader, and our popular buttons! Thanks so much for stopping by. We can’t wait for LibLearnX in Baltimore next year (I grew up in Baltimore and look forward to going back!).
Lots of you commented on our fantastic magazine issue covers, so I thought I’d address our process here. You may have noticed that we alternate between Adult and Youth book cover art. When it’s Adult’s turn to select a cover, the Adult Editor, Donna Seaman, shares a few possible images, and then a group of us vote. When it’s Youth’s turn, Sarah Hunter, Editor, Books for Youth, follows the same process. Once an image is selected, editors work through permission requests with publishers and, when approved, we send the art to our production team. Sometimes the flow is smooth and easy, other times it’s more difficult. And, as you might imagine, we all have our favorites, and we don’t always agree.
This issue cover features an arresting and unsettling photograph of a boat navigating through waterways coated with a thick, ominous algae bloom. The image was taken by Sergey Muhlynin and appears on the cover of The Devil’s Element: Phosphorus and a World out of Balance, by Dan Egan (p.16). I was fortunate to review this book. I appreciate Egan’s fluid, informative style, and the cover and topic aligns well with this issue’s Spotlight on the Environment & Sustainability. I’m glad this photograph surfaced as our collective top choice. In addition to the Environment & Sustainability content in this issue, you will also find a Focus on Sci-Tech and a Focus on Poetry. Yes, there is a lot here, and I’ll close by mentioning that March is Women’s History Month. Women’s Fiction & the Arts is our theme for the March issue of Booklist Reader. Your patrons and visitors will find superb reading recommendations there, and Booklist Reader also has a fantastic cover.

Letter from the Editor / George Kendall

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