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iPad User Magazine – Issue 89, 2023

iPad User Magazine – Issue 89, 2023
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Hello and welcome to a freshly minted and completely redesigned issue of iPad User Magazine.
I would say it is “hot off the press”, but there is no press for a digital magazine! We’ve decided to make the entire mag easier to read on the iPad and given everything a little tweak that takes advantage of the possibilities that digital offers us. Now you’ll find pages designed to be read in portrait mode on an iPad, as well as links to websites and the App Store on tutorials and reviews.
So, when you read a tutorial showing you how to use an app, you’ll find that if you tap on the app’s icon you get taken straight to the App Store, where you can install it. Thanks to the new design there are also more pages than previous issues of iPad User, and we’ve tried to hit the correct balance between content and number of pages to bring you the same great experience of reading the mag that you had before.
This magazine issue we try to answer that question that plagues all iPad Pro buyers – should you buy the iPad Pro or get a shiny new MacBook Air? You’ll find our thoughts on page 4. We really hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to your feedback. Did we get it right? Drop me a line at to let me know what you think of the new look.

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