Rolling Stone Australia – June 2023
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Welcome at Rolling Stone Australia Magazine June 2023 issue

CONTROL. We either have it, or we don’t. Right now, for instance, I’m rubbing elbows with strangers, some thirty-eight thousand feet in the air on a flight from Brisbane to Bali. The only thing I have control over at this exact moment are the words flowing onto this page, and what album I’ll listen to as I jet west across the country. We spend most of our lives learning to trust our own instincts in a constant wrangle for control; we want to drive the narrative and take charge of our destiny. That’s not an easy ask for most of us, and sometimes – like when we’re sky high – we have to put our trust in people we’ll never even meet. That’s the true definition of empowerment right there!
Empowerment – the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights – is the accidental theme spread throughout this issue of Rolling Stone Australia Magazine. I say it was an accident, because it truly wasn’t by design. But it’s evident in many of the stories you are about to devour, including in our cover feature on Australia’s very own Blues Brothers. The Teskey Brothers, made-up of sib-lings Josh and Sam, like many of us, lost control at some point during their career. Life can turn upside down at a moment’s notice, or creep up on you without warning. But the Teskeys have since regained control, embarking on an incredible new chapter together, with a remarkable new album (which I’m lis­tening to right now).
The ability to be unapologetically yourself isn’t an easy skill to master, it usually comes with age. Enter a new, younger generation of musicians on the rise, however, who are more confident and comfortable enough to wear their heart – and their sexuality – on their sleeves. It’s a place that I struggled to reach as a young gay man, at times spiralling out of control, while stuck inside the closet. June marks Pride month around the world, which is why we’ve dedicated our Ones to Watch feature to seven extraordinary queer artists who we believe are destined for success. Each of these artists are making their mark with music while being fearless advocates for their community – something that should be celebrated every month, not just during Pride.
Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll find a photo essay that is the embodiment of empowerment; a number of Australian sex workers invited Rolling Stone photographer Chris Cuffaro into their homes to talk about how they make a living by embracing their sexuality. These women love what they do, are passionate about protecting their industry, and envision a world where sex workers aren’t shunned by large parts of society. They believe change is happening, and that the future is bright. Which is all any of us can ask for, really. That, and a safe landing. Happy reading!

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