History Revealed Collector’s – Great Explorers 2020
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Since the dawn of humankind, it has been fundamental to our nature to explore – to find out what’s behind the hills, across the water, and beyond the stars. Many of the most celebrated characters in history have been those intrepid people whose quests to head for the horizon has seen humans visit virtually every corner of the Earth – and some beyond.
Explorers like Sir Francis Drake, Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus have become household names. But in this special edition of BBC History Revealed magazine, we also saddle up with a number of the less-familiar travellers, such as Ibn Battuta, who spent some 30 years walking through Africa, the Middle East and on to China. Or how about the story of Francisco de Orellana, the Spanish conquistador who became the first person to navigate the Amazon River?
At BBC History Revealed magazine, we’re endlessly fascinated by pioneers, those people who throughout history have pushed the limits of human endurance to explore new horizons. To enjoy more great adventures every month, why not turn to page 38 for details of how to
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