Woodsmith – June 2019
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As you look through this issue of Woodsmith magazine, you may notice a few changes. Many of these are relatively minor, and mostly cosmetic in nature. The idea was not to redesign the magazine from the ground up, but just brighten things up a little. Think of it as adding a fresh coat of paint to your house as opposed to an entire remodel. For starters, we are adding some new colors, more white space in the margins, and a cleaner look overall. Some of the other changes are designed to make the magazine more enjoyable and easier to read. For example, we’re increasing the size of the photos and the illustrations, as well as the text. We’ve also added a new department that we’re calling Reader Feedback. (You’ll find it on page 5.) It’s a chance for you to weigh in with your comments or questions on specific articles you read in Woodsmith pdf, or just general remarks on how we’re doing or what you’d like to see in future issues. (Or even what you think about the updated look of the magazine.)There’s another change on Woodsmith magazine that you may have already noticed — we’ve begun to include a limited amount of advertising. We’ll only be featuring ads from companies that offer products related to woodworking or the woodworking trade. So hopefully, you’ll find some value to them and perhaps learn about a new product or tool that you otherwise wouldn’t have heard about.
SOCIAL MEDIA. Lately, there’s been a lotv in the news about social media and the impact that it has on our society — some good and some not so good. If you’re tired of reading about politics, scandals, and what your friends had for dinner, I’d like to invite you to take a look at Woodsmith’s social media pages for something more enlightening and less divisive. We discuss what’s new around Woodsmith and on the Woodsmith Shop TV show, as well as provide sneak-peeks on upcoming projects. Check us out on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

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