Extreme How-To – June 2019
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Spring is here, and with it comes warmer weather. Most of us wait all winter for this time of year, so we can get back outside and enjoy the sunshine. The change in weather, however, means homeowners should run down a checklist of springtime maintenance. With melting snow and springtime rains, sump pumps may be running for first time since the fall. Make sure the discharge area
is clear and water is flowing away from home. Also, check for outside spigot (faucet) leaks, because extreme cold can damage pipes, especially if a hose was left connected or was dripping at the end of last season. Burst pipes too often go unnoticed until the first time they’re turned on. Look for signs of pressure loss when the faucet is on, as well as the obvious signs
water leaking inside your home. It should go without saying to replace HVAC filters regularly, but we keep saying it because homeowners keep forgetting it. If the filter looks dark or full of dust/debris, change it. Having a hardwood floor and/or indoor pets usually requires more frequent filter changes. Also, clean up your outdoor AC unit, removing any debris that
might affect performance. Mulch, twigs and leaves from the fall and winter can all build up over time, restricting airflow and the performance of your HVAC system, so be sure to clear it all away. A quick rundown of basic maintenance will ensure your home is in no need of repairs. Once you’ve determined it needs no repairs, you’re clear to plan this year’s springtime home improvements, from deck and patio construction to gardening and landscaping projects. But that’s another story … which you’ll find in Extreme How-To magazine.

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