What Hi-Fi UK – September 2021
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While it has been clear for a decade or two now that vinyl will never die(!), the same cannot be said for other traditional forms of music media. Although it does feel somewhat odd to be describing the likes of the compact disc as a ‘traditional’ format, the granddaddy of digital music is in its fifth decade now, so it isn’t an inappropriate description. And there’s no denying that the venerable old CD is in what seems to be terminal decline.
Mind blowingly fast internet data transfer speeds both down the pipe directly into our homes, and straight to our mobile devices via 4G and 5G mean that, surely, streaming is the only way forward for general music listening?
In this streaming special edition, then, we give you our pick of the best home music streamers (p32) and the music streaming services (p44) to help make the most of them.
We don’t forget the visual side of streaming either, with some top media streamers (p60) for every budget. All that, of course, alongside our usual First Tests and features. Enjoy the magazine issue!

Jonathan Evans, editor

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