TechLife Australia – July 2022
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Remember the bad old days of internet security? You’d need a raft of often conflicting apps to keep your machine safe. Or you’d settle for an all-encompassing suite of integrated
programs… but it would chug your system to the point of unuseability, or be near impossible to uninstall.
We’re looking at you, Symantec!
Well, thankfully, those days are long past, and who do we have to thank? Microsoft! Back in those bad old days of internet security Microsoft’s baked-in solutions in Windows were considered a joke, but these days Windows Defender is more than capable of being the only tool you need. And the best bit… it’s completely free, and already installed.
Of course, there are some great paid-for security solutions, and this issue we rate the best of them, too. But for me, oddly to say, it is now Defender all the way.
How times change!
David Hollingworth, Editor

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