Retro Gamer UK – Issue 250, 2023
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Welcome at Retro Gamer UK Magazine Issue 250, 2023

So here we are. It’s issue 250, which is a pretty impressive achievement for a games magazine in this day and age. I never could have guessed back in 2005 that I’d still be getting to put this wonderful mag together, yet we’re still going strong, and I’d argue Retro Gamer is better than ever. If I had to guess at the mag’s success I’d suggest it’s because of the pioneering work Martyn and his original team did, the hard work from its past and present on-staff team, the excellent articles by its freelancers and the fact that Retro Gamer has one of the most passionate and dedicated
readerships I’ve ever seen. And then of course there are the many developers who have shared their fascinating stories with us over the years. Take this month for example, Rare has kindly opened its doors to us, leading to our most ambitious feature yet about the iconic studio.
We’ve also marked the special occasion with a stunning cover by Wil Overton and a 32-page mini magazine covering Rare’s games. Other highlights this issue include quizzing Jon Hare about the Sensible Soccer series, chatting to Obbe Vermeij about GTA: Vice City and discovering the origins of The NewZealand Story. Jonathan Beard and Jonathan Dunn share their memories of Jurassic Park while Steve Wetherill recalls his time with the Amstrad CPC version of Jet Set Willy.
It has been a truly wild ride for the past 250 issues and we appreciate everyone that continues to take this amazing journey with us. You help make Retro Gamer UK Magazine what it is. Stay safe and enjoy the magazine.

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