Photography Masterclass – Issue 129, 2023
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Welcome at Photography Masterclass Magazine Issue 129, 2023

Discover the true essence of nature through the lens. Dive into the art of capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the natural world with techniques and strategies that will transform your shots. From mastering equipment and location settings to honing shooting skills and composition techniques, this issue’s masterclass is your gateway to unleashing the true beauty of nature.
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A highlight for us was our interview with Ranjit Singh, a fine art portrait photographer, who gets to the soul of the person he photographs through portraying personality and culture in each of his images. Hope you enjoy his stunning images as much as we did.
There are loads of other great articles, photos and videos in this issue and we hope you enjoy them.
If you try out any of the techniques mentioned, we’d love you to see your results, so please do share them with us in our readers’ Facebook Group, or on Instagram using hashtag
Happy Shooting!

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