Retro Gamer UK – Issue 229, 2022
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I can still remember my first encounter with our cover game Pilotwings. I was visiting my best mate Paul Staddon because he had a Super Famicom and a number of games for it, including Super Mario World and F-Zero. Both were superb, but Pilotwings really stood out for me because it looked like nothing I had ever seen on a home system before.
Seeing Pilotwings’ levels scale and rotate as you completed tasks felt like witchcraft and I knew right then that I had to own Nintendo’s console. It proved to be a solid purchase and even though it wasn’t always the best system for shmups, I nevertheless built up an impressive library of games, many of which pushed the technological limits of the console.
Thirty years ago in 1992, European gamers got to experience Nintendo’s console for themselves, so we felt it was the perfect opportunity to highlight 30 games that truly pushed the system. We’ve also asked a number of developers to reveal the SNES games that impressed them, and there’s even a Pilotwings Ultimate Guide.
There’s plenty more to enjoy in the first issue of 2022. We’ve a feature looking at the greatest C64 games of all time, we quiz a number of Rare developers about the Battletoads series and go behind the scenes of Gremlin’s Top Gear games and Electronic Arts’ The Return Of The King. We’ve even found time to showcase the best games you can play on the Spectrum Next.
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