NEO Magazine – Issue 216 – February 2022
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WELCOME TO issue 216 of NEO Magazine! This month we’re wrapping up our big fat 2022 preview with the final installments of our anime guide (page 008) and our movie guide (page 060). Both cover home and theatrical releases for titles coming out in the United Kingdom over spring and summer, but we also have a rundown of some brand new titles ready to hit Japan, and streaming services globally, on page 022. A new movie from Makoto Shinkai, some Netflix films, and new outing for some massive franchises and old favourites, like Bleach, Ghost in the Shell, Urusei Yatsura, Gundam… there’s even a release planned for an anime adaptation of Junji Ito’s Uzumaki in October. Now there’s a show that’s sure to send a shiver down your spine come Halloween!
Elsewhere in the mag we have a couple of fantastic interviews. David West tackles the mannequins of FEMM over on page 094, and Andrew Osmond chats with director Mamoru Hosoda on page 042 about his new movie Belle, his influences, and his opinion on the current and future state of the internet. Does anyone really believe it can be a force for good? Are trolls taking over? The answer could be in Belle, previewed on page 009…
We’ve got all this, plus our usual streaming previews (038), Jonathan Clements’ excellent commentary on the world of manga (034), our man in Japan (056) and idol thoughts from Mahiru (084).
Until next time!

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