Real Crime – Issue 89 – May 2022
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Welcome at Real Crime Magazine Issue 89 May 2022

Even right up to his death on 29 October 2011, there weren’t many people who were aware of Jimmy Savile’s dark side. Even fewer remained to speak of the horrors they experienced at the hands of the now-deceased predator, and none of the girls he molested could have spoken up at the time even if they’d wanted to. Such was the cachet of this celebrity and national hero, who at one point counted members of the royal family and politicians in the highest corridors of power among his closest friends. And it was precisely because of such contacts, along with his ability to charm and dazzle the British public, that Savile was able to operate in his own depraved world, his notorious cigar-stained grin a smokescreen that kept the gravest of crimes from view until it was too late. Yet while it is often the case that the greatest dangers hide in plain sight, how is it that he managed to fool an entire country into viewing him like a cheeky uncle? Discover the truth on page 14.

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