Olive – June 2022
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Midsummer, complete with an extra-long Jubilee weekend at the start, arrives this month and with it (we hope), a spell of lovelyweather. Take advantage of BBQs and outdoor eating with the brand-new recipes in this issue. There are gorgeous griddled greens and ricotta flatbreads in our cover feature, alongside easy wins like skewering kofte on rosemary twigs to make the dish look extra-special (find all the recipes from p26). There’s also an dinner for six that’s ready in 30 minutes, because confident cooks know that taking a few shortcuts doesn’t make a long lunch with friends any less special (p36).Warm days are also for sharing a pizza. If you think you know NewYork and Detroit slices from al taglio, check your knowledge with our pizza decoder on p68.
A reminder that you can find all our recipes onOmagazine.com, and our new star rating system means you can see what others are making and enjoying.Make yourself an account and you can save your favourites to use time and time again.
We’ve teamed up with Warner’s Gin this issue to help inspire your summer entertaining. Find great drinks ideas on p33, and check out its competition to win a year’s gin membership on p35.

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