Psychologies UK – April 2023
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Welcome at Psychologies UK Magazine April 2023 issue

What gets you up in the morning? We asked you on Insta recently and received some brilliant responses, from the aspirational ‘God and gratitude’ and ‘this amazing life’, to the all too familiar ‘coffee and my child’! It’s a question we’re returning to this month, and I’m delighted to welcome back the fantastic Anita Chaudhuri to examine it for us. Anita was themain writer of the dossier for several years before life took a different turn and she decided to go back to university.
Now she’s back (and better than ever!) and sharing her journey to find her own sense of purpose (page 45). She examines the very idea, why it’s so popular at the moment, and discovers she was actually suffering a (possibly pandemic-induced) sense of ‘purpose anxiety’. She considers the issues so many of us face as we walk through our day-to-day lives, comparing our reality with heroic figures from Mother Teresa and Greta Thunberg to our NHS heroes, and she taps into why we often feel we fall short. Anita explains how she personally found embracing a new passion life-changing, and shares some inspiring ideas to help you find a new sense of meaning, direction, and, yes, even purpose, that don’t necessarily involve throwing all the cards up in the air and starting all over again. It’s an inspiring – and very useful – read.
This issue, I also got more than I bargained for when I met Hollywood voice coach Samara Bay. Iwas expecting a discussion on the politics of speech and, perhaps, the political hierarchy, when I suddenly found myself flashing back to my teenage years, as Samara helped me unpick my own issues with voice, accent, and who I really am. As a result, I’ve never felt so proud of my Yorkshire/Midlands twang, and all the little things it reflects about me. Turn to page 30 to find out more.
We’re slowing down this month, too, and learning about the Japanese art of balance (page 36), discovering why kindness is a key tool in beating stress (page 40), hearing confessions from a late bloomer (page 22), and finding out why we all need a little bit more magic in our lives (page 88).
Finally, we’re feeling inspired by TV presenter Cherry Healey, thanks to her no-holds-barred interview on page 14. She’s a force of nature who’s loving
Sally x the newfound freedom of her forties, and the confidence, intuition and wisdom that comes with it. What a wonderful world it would be if we all felt as comfortable in our own skin. Have a great month, and happy reading!

Sally Saunders,

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