Photoshop User UK – Issue 5, March 2023
English | 100 pages | pdf | 46.39 MB

Get Yourself Inspired

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Step outside your comfort zone and consider different creative techniques to try that you haven’t tried before. You never know, you may stumble across your next passion project that elevates your skills to the next level. It makes sense to get online and see what other graphic artists and photographers are doing. A simple YouTube search of Photoshop tutorials will result in many hours of content to get you fired up. In the meantime, here are a few tried and tested Photoshop techniques that are worth a look.

Concept to Conclusion

Taking your ideas and making them a visual reality is one of many areas where Photoshop excels. The possibilities open to the creative artist are vast. We live in a world where if you can imagine something, you can employ Photoshop’s various tools to bring it to life. Example: Imagine a world where you can walk to the top of a
mountain and in the distance lurks a massive stone gargoyle shrouded in morning mist. How do you turn that into a work of art? Good question. Let’s show you how to go about it right now.

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