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Practical Photography  |  August 2018

This moth in Practical Photography – August 2018 we take a look at everything from newborn babies, through boisterous kids and intimate family gatherings, here’s our guide to creating the perfect portfolio of family fun. Also with its ability to create inexplicable illusions and mind bending mirages, a mirror is the perfect companion for any photoshoot. No matter whether you enjoy capturing landscapes, portraits or still life, Louise Carey shows you how to inject a surreal twist into your next project.

Practical Photography is the UK’s leading photography magazine. In this non-interactive ‘lite’ version, you’ll find inspirational photography from around the world; fantastic technique guides telling you how to take better pictures, and jargon-free reviews informing you of the best cameras and lenses to buy. Please note: this is a replica of the print magazine and contains no video content.