Maximum PC – July 2021
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Welcome at Maximum PC Magazine July 2021 Issue

WE DID IT! We finally took new portrait shots for the mag. The beard is gone! OK, so I haven’t had a beard for a long time, but that’s beside the point—this was the first time we managed to slot in a portrait shoot in over a year, and it all happened because of one tiny mistake.
Our staff writer, Sam, embarked upon his first ever PC build this issue. I decided it was time to throw the boy in at the deep end, to get his toes wet in the murky system-building pools that are Maximum PC’s Magazine mainstay.
As Sam lives so far away from the office, we decided it was best if he built the rig, took photos of what he wanted, then we would recreate that and shoot it professionally in the studio. Only problem was, he missed his delivery slot the day before. So at 5 a.m. on the morning of the shoot, he jumped in his car and drove for four and a half hours to get to the studio for the photoshoot. At which point I made him do a full day’s work, stripping down and rebuilding the system—and we managed to fit in a few portrait shots while we were all there.
A good experience all around, I think. It’s a kick-ass little gaming PC— it certainly looks good, and hopefully Sam’s fresh-faced insight as a beginner should prove to those of you still on the fence about building your own PC that it’s well worth it, and not too difficult.
I also decided it was time to take a look at where Intel is going. After all, it’s hard to ignore that the company is on the back foot when it comes to processors right now, so Jarred’s giving us the lowdown on where Intel’s been, where it’s going, and just what it has up its sleeve to finally take the fight back to AMD.
On top of that, Ian’s written a fantastic eight-page feature on getting started with Raspberry Pi, and our prodigal son, Christian, has returned after beating the crap out of his health woes to take a look at the history of PC gaming. From Pong to Portal, it’s well worth checking out.
For tutorials, we’ve got everything from developing design concepts to improving your VR setup to 3D-printing your own DIY reservoir holders, and, of course, a fan-favorite: John Knight’s retro machine of the month.
The review section is also pretty dishy. Jarred told me we needed to review AMD’s RX 6800 and Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060 to round out our GPU coverage—so we have. We’ve got the latest Corsair One in, too, plus an epic 49-inch monitor from AOC, the most affordable VR headset to date in the Oculus Quest 2, a fantastic in-depth review of Nier Replicant ver1.22474487139 (I’ll never get tired of typing that one out), and our software head-to-head this issue takes a look at Tidal versus Spotify to see which is the music-streaming king.
Combine all that with a ton of columns from our regulars, including the Doc, Jarred, Christian, myself, and more, and an updated set of Blueprints to cry over, and it’s a kick-ass issue, and one I’m sincerely proud of.
As always, stay safe out there! And I’ll see you next time.

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