MacLife UK – July 2021
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This MacLife UK Magazine issue we’ve made a few changes to the look and feel of the magazine. They’re relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, but I thought it was about time we tidied things up a bit. Apart from the obvious new color shots of myself and the team on this page, and Olivia — our new Production Editor —we’ve renamed some of the sections, added some info to help things make more sense, and taken away what didn’t. As I said, you probably won’t notice the changes, but they are there! If there’s anything else you think we should change to make things better, then do let me know at the usual Mac|Life address: [email protected].
Speaking of changes, Apple’s all–new iMac, as you’ve already seen on the front cover, is a pretty significant one. Not only are the visuals strikingly different to before, there are a lot hardware changes too. In our review (p38) we lay down 10 of the big (and not so big, but still cool) reasons why you might want to purchase the latest generation iMac. It’s a thoroughly in–depth review, so be sure to get stuck in. Though it’s a serious piece of hardware, there are some minor caveats that you might want to consider before laying down your cash. I’m already looking at my aging (though relatively young, by non–tech standards) iMac 4K 21.5–inch (mid-2017), and though I do still love the classic aluminium unibody design, I’m smitten by the new looks, which hark back to the original iMac G3 (which I loved then) and the M1 performance, amongst other things. I’d love to know what you think about it, so do get in touch.
Sticking to the subject of looks, but on different tangent, I’ve noticed recently how much Apple is promoting the eco–mindedness of its product design and the way said products are made. That’s all good, of course, but why then does Apple still insist on using animal skin (which isn’t good for the environment, or animals for that matter) in its accessories? Come on Apple, it’s the 21st century! Time to ditch the unethical materials.
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