Linux Format UK – May 2022
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The first time I saw a Raspberry Pi was sat in a Welsh pub garden with my parents and one-month old daughter, during the summer of 2012. It was hard to know back then how all of these things were going to change my life dramatically in one way or another.
Ten years on and my daughter continues to delight me, Wales has become my home, my parents still annoy me like nothing else can and the Raspberry Pi has become a world-wide technological phenomena.
While they might not seem related, living in south Wales and the Raspberry Pi were pretty central to me ending up editing Linux Format and my daughter has just started to ask about doing Raspberry Pi projects. It’s exciting because it’s unprompted, but also comes from her primary school that’s teaching the basics of coding and computer technology.
I expect this is being repeated all over the UK and beyond, in large part thanks to the Raspberry Pi Foundation. So if you’re taking your first steps, helping an eager young mind or older one then this issue is for you! Jonni’s gentle hands will guide you through the Pi basics, the first coding steps, fun physical projects and on to more essential but exciting Pi topics and projects.
But we’re not Pi obsessed around here (quiet at the back!). We’re also looking at G’MIC image editing, the amazing nnn terminal file browser, emulating the Acorn Archimedes, editing satellite images, coding with Rust, randomness in computing, social video services and loads more, so as always enjoy!

Neil Mohr Editor
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