ImagineFX – Full Year 2022 Issues Collection
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We bring you the best art from around the globe in every issue. The digital art community is filled with talent, from industry veterans right through to the young up-and-comers, each showcasing their skills. If this wealth of digital art isn’t enough, we also bring you the best and latest in traditional art.


Each month we take an in-depth look at a noteworthy part of the art industry, be it concept art for the latest blockbuster movie, or a cutting-edge technology or trend in the art world. We dig deep to discover the inner workings and talk to the minds involved, to share with you.


No matter what stage of your artistic journey you’re at, it can never hurt to learn some new skills, or to reinforce the fundamentals you already have. Each issue we bring you a number of tutorials, covering core skills such as anatomy, rendering, composition, and so much more. Whatever skills you want to learn, we’ve got you covered.

ImagineFX – January 2022
ImagineFX – February 2022
ImagineFX – March 2022
ImagineFX – April 2022
ImagineFX – May 2022
ImagineFX – June 2022
ImagineFX – July 2022
ImagineFX – August 2022
ImagineFX – September 2022
ImagineFX – October 2022
ImagineFX – November 2022
ImagineFX – December 2022
ImagineFX – Xmas 2022
ImagineFX Annual – Volume 6, 2022
ImagineFX Presents The Ultimate Sketchbook – 4th Edition, 2022
ImagineFX Presents – Animation Artist – 7th Edition 2022
LearnIt Series ImagineFX v1, Atr School – Issue 99, 2021
ImagineFX – Presents Sketchbooks, Vol 1, 4th Revised Edi 2022
ImagineFX Art School – Second Edition, 2022
ImagineFX Presents Sketchbooks – Volume 4, Revised Edition 2022
ImagineFX Presents – Sketchbook Volume 3 3rd Revised Edition 2022

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