How It Works – Issue 124, 2019
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 57.8 MB

Wherever there’s a marriage of amazing technologies, the result is often greater than the sum of its parts. You might only ever encounter virtual and augmentedreality features in your smartphone or ona games console,but it’s set tobe the standard for surgeries of the future. Step into a surgeon’s shoes on page 22 and find out how robots,VR and ARare revolutionising hospitals.Onpage 70,we delve into a pet subject of my own:how prehistoric animals, long-extinct,have been so immaculately preservedin Siberian ice, peat bogs and sticky tar pits around the world.Ever wondered what NASA’s Mission Control does exactly? Turn topage 40 to find out. This issue you can also find out why birds sing,how deserts form,what happens to batteries when we recycle them, and much more. I hope you enjoy the How It Works magazine Issue 124!
Ben Biggs Editor

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