BBC History UK – May 2019
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As we go to press, the news agenda in Britain continues to be dominated by Brexit. And while it would be dangerous to predict how things will have developed by the time you read these words, it’s clear that both the country and parliament are divided. Of course, history provides several examples of similar periods of “ux, and in this month’s BBC History UK magazine issue we’re zoning in on 1979 when political tensions were also running high. On page 30, BBC journalist and producer Phil Tinline takes the mood of the country 40 years ago. The ultimate outcome of this period was 11 years of rule by Margaret Thatcher’s Conservatives. On the anniversary of her accession to power, we’ve asked four experts to re”ect on this pivotal period of British history. Was it her political ideology or broader forces that fuelled the transformations of the 1980s? And do we still live in Thatcher’s Britain? Find out our historians’ views from page 36. Back in the 16th century, English politics was decidedly bloodier, especially if you were in opposition to Henry VIII. As Robert Hutchinson reveals in this month’s cover feature, the Tudor king was prepared to take extreme measures to hunt down his enemies, whether at home or abroad. Turn to page 20 to read more about Henry’s brutal, but o#en bungling, assassins.
Finally, this month sees the release of tickets for our weekend events in Winchester and Chester. There are more details on page 58 and make sure to check out our June edition, which will contain a full guide to the exciting line-ups for 2019.

Rob Attar

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