History Revealed – February 2022
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The 18th and 19th centuries saw Britain enter an era of intense technological and social change – a period that is often referred to as the Industrial Revolution.
Manufacturing processes evolved radically as new inventions and increasingly advanced machinery transformed factory working, helping to create the modern world as we know it. The period witnessed huge developments in transportation and communication, too, as well as massive increases to the populations of cities like London, Manchester, Glasgow and Liverpool. This month, with the help of Professor Emma Griffin, we explore the impact of the Industrial Revolution in both Britain and globally, and examine the many consequences of industrial change – from the use of child labour, to women in the workplace. Start reading from page 28.
Elsewhere, historian Dr Tessa Dunlop shares the incredible stories of some of the last female veterans of World War II, who served king and country as members of the Auxiliary Territorial Service in Britain and overseas (page 64).
Also this magazine month, we look at the secrets contained within an exquisite book of hours that once belonged to Henry VIII’s doomed second wife, Anne Boleyn, and explore what it can tell us about the similarities between Anne and her predecessor and supposed rival Catherine of Aragon (page 56). Plus, we delve into the fascinating history of China’s famous Terracotta Warriors (page 21), and discover what might have happened had the French Revolution failed (page 70).
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