Harper’s Bazaar UK – May 2023
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Welcome Harper’s Bazaar UK Magazine May 2023 issue

Once upon a time… can there be a more enticing way to start a sentence? Perhaps it’s because we first encounter fairy tales as children, but there’s something about their rhythm, their poetry and their themes that never ceases to enchant; and at times when the world seems both complex and unfair, their simple morality, in which good always triumphs over evil, can be especially soothing, even for the grown-ups.
As May has always seemed to me a particularly magical month, when the thorn-trees are cloaked in a froth of blossom and the morning dew is said to become an elixir of beauty, I wanted to give the whole issue a fairy-tale feel.
Starting, of course, with our cover shoot of Elle Fanning, the actress who, in The Great, brilliantly brings to life the muchmaligned Empress Catherine II of Russia (page 88). Elle was photographed for us in a mysterious castle (who could have guessed it was in New York?) by Alexi Lubomirski, a real-life handsome prince-turned-photographer, whose keen eye and fabled charm have won the trust of many a silver-screen queen, as can be seen on page 74.
Meanwhile, I was lucky enough to be whisked away to the vast palace of Longleat to meet the Marchioness of Bath and her menagerie, which includes two musical hippos and a pack of wolves that lurk in the woods. On our fashion pages, sprites dance around the maypole (page 128), while in a darker fantasy (page 104), a sorceress casts a spell amid mists of gossamer and lace. And should you open sesame on the jewellery pages, you will find marine treasures for the
Little Mermaid and a trail of glittering gems to lead you deep into an enchanted wood; while a modern Cinderella’s slipper takes pride of place in our Accessories section. Painterly make-up techniques bring Rococo portraits to life in our beauty shoot on page 150, and on our travel pages (from page 161), we journey with three honeymoon couples to the dream destinations where they begin their own happily-ever-after…

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