Diecast Collector – March 2023
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Welcome at Diecast Collector Magazine March 2023 Issue

An interesting email received from a reader during the festive break (see Dear Editor on pages 74 & 75), has really got my old grey cells whirring. Don Townshend queried collecting motivations, wondering if readers may be driven by sheer pleasure of custodianship, or more by investment purposes. I’d honestly never really asked myself that question before.
I’ve always hung on to the theory that many vintage collectors find enjoyment in our hobby by collecting examples we all had as youngsters, or of vehicles that our parents owned, or even that we’ve owned or had experiences with. I’d like to extend that a little by adding in a little side collection of mine and that concerns aircraft that I have flown in, preferring the models to carry the exact registration, where known. Then I also go for racing cars that I’ve had some involvement with, by working with them at certain race circuits. It’s all about the personal touch at this point.
There will always be the thought of investment hanging around vintage collectables, of course, but what about new models? Like buying a new car, most models will instantly lose a little in value as they ‘leave the showroom forecourt’ (read that as breaking the seal and opening the box). But in today’s world of limited edition runs, many of which can be sold out on preorders alone, it is easy to see how the investment angle can creep in here quickly too. I’ve noticed that a fair bit as I delve deeper into the
specialist 1/64 scale market – but that’s not always the case.
At the end of the day, apart from it always being midnight (sorry, couldn’t resist that), it really is down to personal choice. I for one consider that most things I buy will always recover (mostly) any outlay, but if sometimes a little extra cash comes my way, then I’m quite comfortable with that too.

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