Decanter UK – February 2023
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España in the works

At this time of year most of Europe and North America is blanketed by thick cloud, which occasionally dumps drizzle, sleet, snow or some other rather chilly form of precipitation on us. So it’s also the perfect time of year to be dreaming about somewhere with glass-clear blue skies, turquoise seas, awe-inspiring mountain ranges and ancient, beautiful towns. Can we therefore suggest Spain? It has all of the above plus, of course, some truly excellent wines, just to put the Jerez – sorry, cherry – on the top. Then there’s the excitingly varied food, made by world-class chefs from superb local ingredients, the easy access by air, rail or road, and the kind climate, even early or late in the year. And did we mention the wines? We may have done. All of that explains why we decided to devote a large chunk of this issue to the wonders of Spain. But rather than a slightly dry trundle through vintages and regions, we asked our experts to explain what they love about the country, and give you some ideas for your next trip there, taking in all aspects of the Spanish experience. Including of course, the wines. Did we mention the wines..?

Chris Maillard, Editor-in-Chief
[email protected]

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