Country Walking – July 2023
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Welcome at Country Walking Magazine July 2023 Issue

WEEKEND. TWO DAYS. What can y ou do in a mere 48 hours? That we’ve allowed the word ‘minibreak’ into our language reflects the lamentable sizeism which affects so many aspects of our judgement. If two days away is a minibreak what was the day you got married – a micro-experience? Size is no way to judge the value of most things, and I say this not as a 5’ 6” sequoia of a man, but as a walker many of whose most enduring memories have been formed from the smallest units of time. Not the least of which was the quick trip I took this month to the remotest railway station in Britain. Corrour stands at 1340ft but is itself just the ground floor level of a top-of-the-greenstalk land of giants – a gateway to a world of walking which puts ordinary ideas of time and scale in their place, and I found powerfully restorative (you can read the story on page 34). Small things can be
just as transporting – portals to a better appreciation of what really matters. The virtuosity of birdsong, the rhythm of your footsteps on good ground, the peaceable company of our fellow creatures on
the planet; the achieving of a small goal meaningful to you, whether it’s a summit or just a good appetite for dinner and rest. In fact walking is the method which yields more important scientific results than any scale or apparatus; among them that while years are short, days are long, and a footstep is the meter which swells the very things it would measure: all the good things in life.

Guy Procter, Editor

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