BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine – June 2023
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Welcome at BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine June 2023 Issue

Although this is my welcome letter for the BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine July issue, I’m writing in late May. That’s the way our magazine production cycle works – we’re always at least a month ahead. Still, we’ve already had some glorious weather, so I’ve been able to spend time enjoying the garden with my family.
I’m not talking about actual gardening- I do that whatever the weather – but soaking up and using the lovely space I spend so long tending. Some moments have been snatched (a morning cup of coffee or the odd lunch outside, when I’m working at home), while others have been longer affairs. A wonderful Saturday spent lounging with family and playing with the giant Jenga I bought from BBC Gardeners’ World Live years ago. An impromptu barbecue with friends, when the sun treated us to some unexpected warmth.
And do you know the barometer of whether my family truly is living life outdoors? The cushions. Have the cushions for the garden sofa made it out of the shed? Is the weather good enough to put them out without fear of having to quickly rush them in because of a downpour? Even better, is it nice enough to leave them out overnight? Though that does, we’ve discovered, lead to the local cats curling up on them for a comfy night’s sleep. As I write this, the cushions have been out once, just for an afternoon. But it was lovely to think the whole summer is stretching out ahead, with lots more prolonged cushion use to come.
However you spend time in your garden this summer, I hope you get some beautiful weather and the chance to kick back and truly relax. By the time you’re reading this, you could well be eating every meal outside and enjoying balmy evenings under the stars …

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