Classic Motorcycle Mechanics – July 2023
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Retro IS here to stay…

Old is good. Old stuff is cool and also retro is here to stay; that is stuff that looks old but benefits from being new…
Look at the new Triumphs in our news section: modern bikes, with classic looks and both can be ridden by fledgling bikers. This is good for all of us; more bikers getting on machines that look old. Hopefully they’ll also get into ‘real’ older bikes.
Retro isn’t just confined to bikes. A few mates of mine have ‘modern’ takes on classics and an original, too: think Minis and Fiat 500s… One of my other hobbies is video gaming. I’ve got a ‘retro’ cabinet on which I play some old games, but with the benefit of modern electronics.
Of course, some people don’t like it… Purists will moan, and that’s fair enough, but we can all blissfully co-exist. This month magazine you’ll see we have a couple of pages on the ‘new’ Suzuki Katana. Of course, it’s not really like an old Katana, but it does a good job of looking kinda like the legendary Kat of old, albeit with all modern conveniences on board.
This year we hope to get our Kat out to the likes of Pip Higham (legendary Suzuki lover/ tuner/engineer and drag racer) as well as to John Nutting who has much knowledge of the original bike. We will also check out the likes of Honda’s CL500 – their latest take on the ‘scrambler’ phenomenon.
Naturally, we’re not going to abandon the original (and best) classics. Why would we? We will continue to do our best to provide all the classic bikes from the last six (or so) decades.
Remember, we need you to tell us what YOU want in the mag and to take part in these new sections.

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