CameraCraft – March-April 2023
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TIME AND MOTION are words which pair naturally today thanks to attempts to make human workers behave as efficiently as robots over a century ago. It wasn’t all bad – those turn-of-the-20th-century ideas created the modern fitted kitchen, the computer workstation and those production lines which still assemble your cameras and lenses in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and China.
Darkrooms and studios were always planned to reduce the number of steps taken during work but these days I see the opposite as a benefit. Sitting at a computer desk most of the time, I think how great it would be to have everything in one big open-plan room. My studio at one end… the printers… the big Mac… a sitting space with a coffee machine and TV!
Well, I’ve got all of those and a bit more but through a few rooms and doors so a typical day does not mean rarely standing or walking. At different times in the past I’ve had upstairs and cellar workspaces, outbuildings and garages and generally kept moving. The darkroom, now long gone, was of course a standing environment – no chairs. Where editing digital files means sitting down, making prints meant being on your feet. Mounting and framing still mean that and the bigger the prints you make, the larger the space and the more physical work you need.
There’s a treadmill readily to hand but any time I decide to walk or run on that, I wonder why I’m not outside in the landscape or street with a camera to hand. If I want to write, do I need to be at my desk? Why not take a laptop, climb a hill or visit a city café and be inspired by a different environment?
The car is very efficient for getting places but not for stopping on the way, or taking pictures.
Almost anything is better – train, bus, bicycle, feet. Time and motion aside!
So for this issue I took the inspiration from Time & Motion for many of the articles and briefs to contributors. The lead feature with Andrew Fusek Peters’ butterflies is one outcome and could not combine the two aspects better, with the OM-Systems ‘Pro Capture’ mode anticipating the action. Our next issue CameraCraft Magazine May-June 2023, will be out on May Day.
– David Kilpatrick Publisher and Editor

CONTENTS CameraCraft Magazine MARCH-APRIL 2023
Cover – photographs from our features
4 News and Products
6 Taking Flight – ultimate motion sequences of butterflies taking off, and other flighty subjects, from
Andrew Fusek Peters
12 Time and Space – Katie Hughes covers the distance, and the centuries, between our eyes and the
night sky they see. Plus – ESO’s double hemisphere Milky Way
14 Time Travel 1 with a 90-year old compact camera and modern colour film
16 Time Travel 2 brings old black and white films to life in the kitchen sink with added ZeroWater
28 Sharpen Your Memories – Gary Friedman looks at auto retouching and colourising programs
designed to restore old prints and re-tint black and whites
22 Watch the Time with Ian Knaggs, studio still life timepiece specialist
24 Pivoting Pro with Fiona Millington-Pipe’s story of transition from part-timer to running a full service
general practice studio
29 Kenneth Martin exhorts you to Face Your Fears if you want to succeed in business
30 Lens Test – the Tamron 50-400mm ƒ4.5-6.3 Di III VC VXD stabilised mirrorless supertele
32 Gary Friedman shakes hands with the Sony A7RV
34 Tim Goldsmith reports on a unique digital back to convert film SLRs, the “I’m Back!” project
36 The Guild of Photographers Awards, Photographer of the Year 2022, presenting all the Image of the
Year category winners and the overall titles
46 Over & Out! – Tom Hill on the logistics those Fleet Street film courier riders had to tackle before
broadband arrived to save us all. The time of a certain Royal wedding…

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