Business Traveler USA – March 2023
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MARCH 1s WOMEN’S History Month, and Business Traveler USA Magazine is delighted to have a multihyphenate powerhouse as our cover subject. Ciara truly does it all: Not only is she a Grammy-winning musician whose worldwide sales have topped 45 million, but she’s also an entrepreneur who is leading companies in a variety of industries, from fashion and skincare to spirits. That’s apart from her work with husband Russell Wilson on their nonprofit Why Not You Foundation, which is dedicated to education and empowering youth. Read about her projects inside, and see which job she considers her “favorite of all.”
Our aviation feature looks at the fascinating history and exciting future of supersonic travel. From storied luxury aboard Concorde to game-changing designs from Boom and Spike, flying at speeds that halve the time distance between cities has always been a dream for adventurous travelers. We also step inside the world of private membership clubs, profiling signature properties from Los Angeles to Milan.
Elsewhere, we speak with AI innovator Pulkit Jaiswal, who has created a data mining company that could mean big things for not only global finance but also geopolitical events. We sit down with Standard Hotels CEO Amber Asher to hear about the hip hospitality brand’s plans for new properties in Asia, and learn about premium wine techniques from Master Sommelier Carlton McCoy. And if you’re planning to take a cruise this year, be sure to first read our story about the industry’s latest destinations and trends.

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Eric Newill Editor-in-Chief

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