Business Traveller UK – July-August 2022
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Welcome to the July / August edition of Business Traveller. It is the time of the year when in days of old (pre-March 2020) business travel tailed off and holiday travel increased. We would advise that it was the time to avoid going through airports as you’d find families clogging the corridors and children underfoot or being pushed round on luggage trolleys while a tannoy pleaded with parents to desist. Oh, happy days. Airports and airlines haven’t reached 2019 levels, yet they are cancelling flights weeks in advance or sometimes on the day, and it’s a mess.
There isn’t room here to summarise the travel situation or the reasons for it, though you can find and contribute to several educated conversations about it on our Forum at Suffice to say we are happy that people are travelling, grateful you are reading the magazine, and hope that we have seen the worst of the delays, and the projected strikes by various transport sector unions aren’t as disruptive as feared.
I trust you will enjoy yourself when you eventually get to where you are going, and when it’s time to come home, you manage that on time as well. Until September, easy travels.

Tom Otley Editorial director

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