British Archaeology – May-June 2023
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Welcome British Archaeology Magazine May-June 2023 Issue

Archaeology is often said to be the study of old things. The features in this issue show how it is much more than that: all tell stories of profound change.
Excavations at a church in Kent chart the origins of a village and its sacred Christian heritage. In the timbers of HMS Trincomalee are inscribed messages from an era of world-changing relationships between India and Britain. Industrialisation was still underway when archaeologists began to record its early structures, even as they continue to be demolished and erased. And in modern columbaria, fashioned after Neolithic burial mounds, people are seeking new ideas of spiritualty and community.
There is change at British Archaeology, too. Bill Tidy, one of the country’s best known and loved cartoonists, died in March. His wonderful drawings first appeared here in 2000 (see My archaeology Jan-Feb 2015/140), and will be much missed. And, in my 20th year at the magazine, this is my last editorial. I hope you will keep my successor on their toes as much as you have me. Thanks for reading!

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