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One of the human race’s many problems is we’re obsessed with the extreme edges of a product’s performance, rather than focusing on the much narrower operating window where it will spend the overwhelming majority of its time. If I’m buying a new golf club, I want the one that’ll send the ball the furthest when I swing out of my shoes and locate the sweet spot. Reader, this happens rarely. More sensible would be buying something forgiving, that doesn’t spoon the ball into the trees or top it two yards in front of me when I deliver my patented mishit. If I buy a new phone I want the one with maximum processing power and the 50 megapixel camera, then I use it primarily to check my emails and send texts. If I’m watch shopping I want water resistance to 300m, minimum… despite having never scuba-dived in my life.
Cars take this phenomenon to a whole new level. We talk about 0–62mph times, quarter mile splits, 100–0mph braking distances and Nürburgring lap times like they’re a measure of whether a car’s any good. They’re not. And lately it’s EVs that are being judged on the outer echelons of their single-charge range and maximum charging speed, when the reality of owning and running an EV is far more nuanced, and different for everyone.
When we devised our 24hrs du M25 range test it wasn’t just an act of self-flagellation, we wanted to discover the sub-£50k EV with the best real world range. What we ended up proving was something far more useful. Starting the race with a full battery, most teams set about completing two laps of the 117-mile ring road in one hit. Smart move, you’d think, but to charge back up to 100 per cent and go round twice again would have been competitive suicide, given the final 20 per cent of juice takes so long to hose in. Most of us quickly discovered that completing one lap, splashing and dashing at the rapid charger, rinsing, repeating was the way to go. The team that figured this out before the race had even begun were the ones that nearly upset the Tesla.
By the end, the big lesson was blindingly obvious. All five cars completed over 1,100 miles in 24 hours, dropkicking the idea that you can’t roadtrip an EV into touch. Yes, it might require patience and strategy, but keep your EV in its comfort zone, and you’ll go far.
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