Better Nutrition – November 2021
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Welcome at Better Nutrition Magazine November 2021 issue

Since the pandemic started, people are more motivated than ever to improve their health. A new survey by OnePoll, which involved 13,000 people in 24 countries, showed that a whopping 89 percent of those interviewed are making changes to become healthier. This includes buying less junk food, going for walks during lunch, and taking vitamins and other supplements.
Physical appearance has become more important, too, over the past two years. According to separate research (Back to Life: Beauty and Self-care in the Post-pandemic World), 48 percent of Americans said they are focusing more on beauty, and roughly 53 percent said the relationship between diet and physical appearance has become more important to them.
I want to highlight two articles in this issue that cover these very topics: On p. 12, Dr. Emily Kane discusses the importance of self-care and shares her suggestions for making it a reality.
On p. 22, you’ll fi nd our Best of Supplements Awards. This annual section, which takes several months to put together, is a one-of-a-kind guide to high-quality supplements. There is something on every health topic, from stress and mood to hair, skin, and nails. In these uncertain times, it helps to focus on what you can control and change. This is good life advice in general, but it’s particularly fi tting when it comes to your health. Here’s to discovering new ways to feel and look your best!

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