Best of British – December 2021
English | 84 pages | pdf | 54.95 MBThey say that Christmas comes earlier each and ,don’t I l Their lists are perhaps no more demanding than generations ,of children over the years, just reflecting the current fads and technological advances. Their requests for computer games and other things that go bleep are no different to my youth desire for a BMX bike, a personal stereo, and Action Man and Star Wars toys.
In fact, it’s amazing how many classic toys from the 1970s and 80.s have featured on their lists as well as in Christmas catalogues; with the Rubik<‘s cube, Girl’s World, and even the 8-bit Commodore 64 computer all making comebacks in recent years.
The various lockdowns over the last couple of years have also seen an increase in traditional hobbies; in 2020, book sales passed the 200 million mark for the first time in eight years; sales ,of plants and gardening products boomed (or should that be bloomed?), while model railway manufacturer Hornby saw sales increase by 28%, returning the company to profit.
Not ,only have those with fond memories of Hornby’s 1970s advertisements starring the great
Bernard Cribbins returned to railway modelling, their ,children are now buildi11g layouts of their own, giving great hope for the future of the hobby.
Had I the space, I too would be dusting off my (limited) model making skills. But for the time being, whenever my wife asks what I’d like for Christmas, I give a reply 1 could never have imagined saying 40 years ago: “Socks would be nice.” Merry Christmas everybody.

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