BBC Wildlife – May 2022
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Welcome at BBC Wildlife magazine May 2022 Issue

The results of the 2021 UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme are in and it’s something of a mixed bag. For some species – the brown hairstreak and silver-studded blue, for example – it’s good news, with their numbers at a 26-year high. For others – the green-veined white, or the large skipper – the opposite is true, with both species reporting alarmingly low numbers.
Overall, the butterfly count may be down, but, unlike many conservation issues, there’s something very easy that we can all do about it. And I, for one, love the solution: gardening.
Of course, it’s hardly breaking news that certain plants are particularly popular with butterflies, but what plants are best to attract different species? And how do
I avoid my kale crop being devoured by caterpillars? Kate Bradbury has all the answers on p58. Time for a spot of backyard conservation!

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